PDF Sheet Music Reader

PDF Sheet Music Reader

Only $2.99

PDF Sheet Music Reader lets you keep all your sheet music in a single place making it easy to bring your entire library wherever you may go. There are no restrictions on which songs you can view and no additional purchases to make. You can view any PDF file you want by downloading it using the built in web browser or importing the file using iTunes. PDF Sheet Music Reader has a number of handy features for musicians of all types.


Preloaded Songs

PDF Sheet Music Reader comes with three free pieces of sheet music to start off your library. These included songs are Für Elise, Moonlight Sonata and Beethoven's Symphony No. 5.

Add your Own PDF Files

Viewing your own PDF files in PDF Sheet Music Reader is simple and free. You can either sync your PDF files from your desktop computer to your iPad using iTunes. Or you can download PDF files directly to your iPad from the internet using the built-in web browser.


PDF Sheet Music Reader provides two different metronomes. The Audible metronome makes the same noise on every beat. The Time Signature metronome lets you set the number of beats per measure and makes a different noise on the first beat of each measure.

Draw on your Music

Recording trouble spots on your music is easy with the draw mode. Simply tap the pencil icon on the top right of the screen and use your finger to annotate your sheet music. Deleting parts of your annotations or all of them is simple as well using the on screen buttons.

Set Lists

Organize your library of sheet music into individual Set Lists to create playlists of all your favorite songs. Adding songs, removing songs and changing the song order in your set lists is easy. Set Lists can be added and removed at your convenience.




Draw on Music


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