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MidiPlay - MIDI Player

Only $2.99

MidiPlay lets you keep all your MIDI files in a single place making it easy to listen to your entire library wherever you may go. There are no restrictions on which songs you can listen to and no additional purchases to make. You can listen to any MIDI file you want by downloading it using the built in web browser. MidiPlay has a number of handy features for listeners of all types.


Preloaded Songs

MidiPlay comes with four MIDI files to start off your library. These included songs are Für Elise, French Suite No. 5 Allemande, Gigue in G Major and French Suite No. 5 Gavotte.

Add your Own MIDI Files

Listening to your own MIDI files in MidiPlay is simple and free. Simply download and MIDI file directly to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad from the internet using the software's built in web browser.


Start, pause or stop your MIDI files at any time by tapping the appropriate button. Change the volume of the MIDI audio by moving the midi volume slider up and down.



Built-In Web Browser

Download MIDI Files


If you have any questions, comments, support or feature requests regarding MidiPlay, please get in touch with us using the form on our contact page.